How To Do a Chest Trap


How To Do a Chest Trap

How To Do a Chest Trap

Many players around the globe find it difficult to maintain the ball with their first touch. This is either by poor technique or lack of knowledge or where defenders are. Watch the best players around the world while they have spent much time honing their technique on how to control the ball properly. Below are a few techniques and drills that may help you improve both the first touch and ball control.

The way to control the ball


When getting the ball, it is best to keep the ball getting into space or away from an opposing player, as opposed to to create the ball with a complete stop. When getting the ball, it is critical to get in touch with just across the center of the ball to keep the ball along the ground. It is critical to cushion the ball, this brings the ball under your control. The great footballers can always settle the ball quickly and far from defenders and into space. Thus giving them extra time to keep a stride while watching opposition. To be able to move the ball into space and from defenders, it is necessary that you're aware of what you really are planning to use the ball before getting the entire stop.


Trapping differs to receiving in the manner that trapping is always to bring the ball to some complete stop. Trapping is normally used once the ball is traveling too fast that you should control effectively. When trapping the ball you will need to stay relaxed and also on your toes. As opposed to being tense and stiff, this enables you to adjust quickly. When trapping the ball cushioning plays an important part. When cushioning you need to take the pace off the ball, this is achieved by withdrawing your foot at the moment of impact.

How you can practice control

The simplest and many efficient way to rehearse control is with somebody. You and your spouse can practice different types of control by passing the ball to one another or throwing the ball together. If you can't get a partner, the following best thing is really a wall. A wall offers you the chance to practice the abilities that you would like so long as you want. With a wall you are able to practise simple passing and receiving to volleys and chest control. It is important when practising ball control, that you simply practice with both feet. Having the capacity to control the ball with each of your feet enables you to unpredictable to defenders.

Control with all the within the foot

When manipulating the ball with the inside the Foot, the supporting leg has to be slightly bent and should be planted 45 to 90? with regards to the road with the ball. At this time of contact, cushion the ball along the original path, moving the ball either into space or away from your opponent.

Control using the outside the foot

How To Do a Chest Trap In Soccer

This method is advantageous when you've got your opponent pressuring from behind. Initially you must get your body in between the ball and defender standing slightly sideways with your arm slightly raised, so that you can Push or hold off an opposing player. The supporting leg has to be slightly bent at a roughly 90? angle where the ball is originating. About the moment of contact the ball is cushioned with the not in the foot giving your opponent absolutely no way to get the ball fairly.